Memorial Day With 70% Discount at We Know Rugs

Memorial Day Discount

27th May 2019 promises to be memorable, bringing a lot of discounts one with the arrival of Memorial Day.  Although the day is commemorated on the theme of army personnel laying down their lives for their country, however, people love to shop and buy items of their choice and thus refer it as the Memorial Day Discount. Realizing the momentous occasion, We Know Rugs brings an exciting range of rugs with a discount of 70%.

Home Decor

The significance of the memorial day occasion matters the most, at We Know Rugs we provide you a 70% discount on home décor items. These will enhance the look of the place that you live in, making it intriguing and attractive. An exclusive list of decor items are covered on the website We Know Rugs comprising of different colors.

Handmade Rugs

Handmade rugs are acknowledged for being historically rich and craftsmanship, with each every rug comprising of the weavers’ skills unique signs. Sadly, weaving a carpet is hard work and is linked with middlemen exploitation, poor conditions, and low wages. At We Know Rugs, we bring the best handmade designed rugs on notice.  We want to show the world the real talent of our skilled craftsmen. We ensure best practices are ensured during the process itself. The amazing 70% discount on the momentous Memorial Day is something that everyone is looking forward to.  

Sisal Rugs

A Sisal Carpet is extracted from long spiny leaves of Agave plant and is considered as a highly durable. These are often used in higher-end homes as well as the areas of heavy traffic areas. They can be used on multiple purposes including runner, wall to wall carpet, or an area rug. Often times, runners and sisal rugs are confined with a border on the canvas border, to give a tailored appearance (about an inch wide). Sisal carpet has become very popular due to its stylish outlook. The customers also consider it as their top priority due to their hold fewer allergens, earthy tones, and their high end “Berber” look/feel. Furthermore, they do hide stains/dirt and are lovable because of their durability. At We Know Rugs, we know that Sisal carpet is an important one which grabs the attention of the customer. On the momentous occasion of Memorial Day, we present to you an exclusive collection of Sisal carpet at We Know Rugs at a discount of 70%. Through these rugs, the world will come to know about how skilled craftsmen put in a lot of effort to come up with a masterpiece. Our best practices are praised worldwide because of the amount of effort put in.

In the end, whatever you want to buy from We Know Rugs on a memorial day, you have a chance to avail a discount of 70%. Our rugs are world famous throughout the world and acknowledged globally because of its finest quality and marvelous outlook.   Realizing the popularity of the event of Memorial Day on Social media, We Know Rugs has created an event on Facebook regarding 70% discount Memorial Day Event. Here you can take part in the discussion, and check out the newest offers and details regarding Memorial Day 2019.


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